I love heightened realities: Big Humour, Big Emotions, Big Stories – a new way of looking at the world. Naturally, this has often led me to classical theatre and musicals, where I’ve played a diverse range of title characters, from a demon-conjuring academic, (Dr. Faustus) to a rabble-rousing spiritual leader (Jesus Christ Superstar) via a murderous Scottish king, a troubled Danish Prince, and ‘originating a Shakespearean character’ in his lost play: The History of Cardenio.  I’ve also played several anthropomorphized animals, including a Frog Prince, A Tortoise Athlete, and a Pig Reporter.

I’ve worn a variety of accents while singing (and occasionally even dancing), originating Prince Ronald in The Paper Bag Princess, originating Konig the Clown in Zirkus Grimm, as President Monroe, a Drunken Spaniard, and others in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, or Lancelot and the French Taunter in Spamalot. The ability to balance strong characters and switch between them quickly has served me well in narrating audiobooks, be they several pirates in The Red Flag, or legendary Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

Often I play people who aren’t quite as smart as they think they are. Folks like Dogberry, or the Shepherd’s son, although some times they’re actually smarter than they seem… like Mr Tumnus. I lent my voice to the tale of a Fish that wanted to be human, for short film The Fisherman’s Lure, and my eyebrows and moustache to a handful of other filmed pieces, including Shrinker and Guarantor.

“Cardwell portrays [Frank Finger] as a strange, somewhat flamboyant man… [He] is a hoot.”

Lisa Gauthier Mitchison – Nuvo

“Someone once said, if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. Trailing clouds of glory behind him, Cardwell’s debonair Trigorin is a master.”

Jay Harvey – Upstage

You can find my CVs/Resumes here, and if you’d like to know what other people have said, you can read more here.

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