The Red Flag

By Julia Maiola

Captain Stephen Boswell sails under the red flag, a symbol of no mercy. It’s the only reason he has lived this long. The only reason the navy has not found him yet. But they are closing in. And if they catch him, they will execute him for piracy. Ten-year-old Alice Bradford doesn’t know why she is alive. When Captain Boswell found her hiding on his ship, she expected him to kill her, and it seemed his own crew had expected likewise. But now she is his prisoner and she fears that she will be forever. A gripping, fast-paced story about one of the last pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy and his fight for survival.

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James and The Mountain

By Gary Foster

James had always lived in the village at the bottom of the mountain. It was a small village, just 3 shops, 2 petrol stations, 1 pub, a church and a school, James’s school. Every day as he walked to school he could see the mountain looming high up above the village. People came to stay in the village just to climb the mountain but James had never seen anyone from the village climb it, which seemed totally weird, and he was determined to find out why.


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40 recipes of waffles

By David Brefield

40 recipes of the most delicious waffles from around the world.


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Vocal Samples

Salmon: Extract from “A Year with Nature” by Marty Crump.


Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Syrup: Extract from “40 recipes of waffles” by David Brefield.


The Battle of Aisle Five.