Informally panto: A family-friendly comedy-musical parody traditionally found in the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. but not often in the USA. Mostly performed during the Holiday Season, parodying such tales as Cinderella or Peter Pan.

Performance Rights Available – Contact for details.
Most recently performed at:
Theatre at the Mine,
El Dorado, California.

EclecticPond Theatre Company,

IndyFringe Festival; Then Revived and Re-Vamped at The Irvington Lodge, and for the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival.

Written by The Siblings Cardwell
Directed by Thomas Cardwell
Songs by Ben Asaykwee
Stage Manager – Raechel Amey
Costume & Props – Kryssa Kaupke & Anni Proctor
Photography & Graphics – Zed Martinez
Videography & Trailer – Tim Barrett

Matt Anderson – Dracula
Cat Cardwell – Mina Murray
Jaddy Ciucci – Lucy Westenbra (Lodge)
Charles DiGiovanna – Widow Westenbra
Jeremy Grimmer – Johnny Harker (Lodge)
Kate Homan – Dr Van Helsing
Andrea Heiden – Lucy Westenbra (Fringe)
Michael Hosp – Arthur Holmwood
AJ Morrison – Johnny Harker (Fringe)
Jonah Winston – Quincy Morris (Fringe)
Noah Winston – Quincy Morris (Lodge)

Natural Flair,

Written by The Siblings Cardwell
Directed by Thomas Cardwell
Songs by Shirley Kent
Stage Management – Lucy Cardwell & Alex Juckno
Props and Set – Lucy Cardwell & Denise Andréo

Gareth Bernard – Arthur Holmwood
Cat Cardwell – Mina Murray
Thomas Cardwell – Quincy Morris
Kelley Costigan – Narrator / Dr Van Helsing
Jonathan Goodwin – Dracula
Will Sharpe – Johnny Harker
David Waterman – Widow Westenbra
Amy Wiles – Lucy Westenbra

Original UK Cast, 2010
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