Cardwell portrays the director as a strange, somewhat flamboyant man with interesting clothing choices. Finger desperately wants to direct a flop because he claims he is sick of being a directorial golden boy… Cardwell is a hoot.

Lisa Gauthier Mitchison,

‘It’s Only a Play’

Cardwell, in particular, shone as Cardenio, playing every note from homosocial joy to heterosexual jealousy to raving madness with convincing depth. The conviction with which he madly mounted a bare tree branch, riding it across the stage like a froth-flecked steed, was something to behold.

Regina Buccola – Roosevelt University,
Shakespeare Bulletin

‘The History of Cardenio’

Thomas Cardwell, trailing clouds of glory behind him as the debonair Trigorin, projects the self-confidence of a man accustomed to trimming his sails to the prevailing winds. Someone once said, if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. Cardwell’s Trigorin is a master.

Jay Harvey

‘The Seagull’