I was first introduced to Titus Andronicus in a high school drama class, and it has remained one of my favorite plays by Shakespeare. Reading through the play again, considering how I wanted to approach it for this production, a line at the start of Act Five stuck out to me:

“… from our troops I stray’d
To gaze upon a ruinous monastery;
And, as I earnestly did fix mine eye
Upon the wasted building…”

A puzzle piece fell into place; I already knew that I wanted to show these characters in an unforgiving world – a world as violent and dangerous as any of the characters themselves. Why not a world where something terrible has happened? A world with a limited population, who have clumped together into tribes, for safety and security. I chose to set our play long enough after said catastrophe has happened that there have been several generations. Long enough for them to subvert or misremember traditions, and to create their own. Long enough for them to have claimed and settled desirable areas or territories, and to have fought each other over them.

Titus Andronicus has been referred to as Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy – we have not shied away from that violence. However, the play also contains a wealth of dark humor, that we hope you will discover with us. After all, life is enriched by contrasts; Comedy and Tragedy. Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Peanut buer and Jelly. Is anyone all good or all bad? Are some people born evil? Are good people driven to do evil things? How? Does our narrative perspective affect who we sympathize with? Who we blame? This play presents fascinating portraits of human beings pushed to (and beyond) their limits – I invite you to consider those questions as you watch our play, and jointly ask ourselves,

“Have we done aught amiss…?”

EclecticPond Theatre Company, 2015


By William Shakespeare
Adapted & Directed by Thomas Cardwell

Catherine Cardwell – Stage Manager
Mak Jungnickel – Assistant Director
Scott Russell – Violence Consultant
Photography & Graphics – Zed Martinez

Matt Anderson – Marcus Andronicus
James Banta – Bassianus/Sempronius/Goth Soldier
Gillian Bennett – Young Lucius
Audrey Brinkley – Lavinia
H. Frank Ebels – Demetrius
Carter Gorman – Chiron
Kelly Gualdoni – Tamora
Perry Hunt – Mutius/Messenger/Goth Warrior
James McNulty – Titus Andronicus
Bridgette Richards – Nurse/Quintus/Caius/Goth Soldier
Katharine Ruegger – Aemilius/Clown/Alarbus
Audrey Stonerock – Martius/Publius/Goth Warrior
Zachariah Stonerock – Saturninus
Will Tople – Lucius
Jo Winston – Aaron the Moor

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