What is Thomas Cardwell?

An International Man of Mystery, a part-time Pirate, and an occasional mustache-twirling villain, amongst other things…

I’m a British American actor who often appears in Shakespeare and Musical Theatre. I tend to play quirky leading men, quick-witted sidekicks, and physical comic relief.

I’m also a Director and Writer. I co-founded a theatre company in Indianapolis, and served as it’s Artistic Director for six years.


Who is Thomas Cardwell?

Thomas Cardwell is an appropriately ridiculous British American Actor and Director, who appeared as Cardenio in the first fully staged reconstruction of Shakespeare’s ‘lost’ play The History of Cardenio, featured in the New Oxford Shakespeare Complete Works. He originated the role of Konig the clown in Zirkus Grimm – a musical adaptation of the Grimm Fairy Tales, brought to life by the inhabitants of a German Circus – revisiting the skills used in one of his first roles: as P.T. Barnum in Barnum. Filmed work includes directing Beneath our Masks, which he also wrote and appeared in. Cardwell trained at The Birmingham Theatre SchoolCardwell is a Co-Founder of EclecticPond Theatre Company, and served as Artistic Director from 2010 – 2016.  Around other projects he is currently working on a one-man show, adapted from a classic Sherlock Holmes adventure.





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How is Thomas Cardwell?

I’m great, thanks for asking! These folks thought so too:



‘The Seagull’

Thomas Cardwell, trailing clouds of glory behind him as the debonair Trigorin, projects the self-confidence of a man accustomed to trimming his sails to the prevailing winds. Someone once said, if you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made. Cardwell’s Trigorin is a master.

Jay Harvey | Upstage




‘The History of Cardenio’

Cardwell, in particular, shone as Cardenio, playing every note from homosocial joy to heterosexual jealousy to raving madness with convincing depth. The conviction with which he madly mounted a bare tree branch, riding it across the stage like a froth-flecked steed, was something to behold.

Regina Buccola, Roosevelt University | Chicago Shakespeare Bulletin







‘It’s Only a Play’

Cardwell portrays the director as a strange, somewhat flamboyant man with interesting clothing choices. Finger desperately wants to direct a flop because he claims he is sick of being a directorial golden boy… Cardwell is a hoot.

Lisa Gauthier Mitchison NUVO

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Where is Thomas Cardwell?


Currently I’m based in Oxford, UK. As a dual US/UK Citizen I can be available for projects in either country.

You can also find me on:


When is Thomas Cardwell available?


Good question! If you’d like to discuss a potential project feel free to email me at Tom@ThomasCardwell.com