Who is Thomas Cardwell?

I’m an International Man of Mystery, a part-time Pirate, and an occasional mustache-twirling villain. I’ve frequently appeared in Musical Theatre and plays by Shakespeare, and as unlikely as it sounds, have originated roles in both genres. My love of Audiobooks started as a young child, when my Dad would read me stories and “do the voices” – something I now really enjoy to do myself!

In 2010 I moved to the USA, where  I performed regularly at the World’s Largest Children’s Museum, and co-founded EclecticPond Theatre Company, serving as its Artistic Director for 6 years. I hold dual US/UK Citizenship and have been based back in the UK since July 2018. Most of my work as a writer has been adaptations, either translating stories from the page to the stage, or putting a twist on existing plays, including ‘Shakespeare Wrote What…?’; ‘The Speckled Band’ and ‘Dracula: The Panto’.  I’m fascinated by the science of learning and the art of memory – especially the intersections between them and how the language we use affects the way we think.

When I’m not performing, there’s a good chance you’ll find me cooking. I’ve been a lifelong vegetarian, and love to  share the dishes I create. I’m an Uncle to six incredible humans, a Dog Dad to two fantastic pups, and a Husband to one amazing lady.