Thomas Cardwell

Moving Words + Pictures

The Snow Queen Poster
Commissioned by The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Produced Winter 2022/23.

Their idylic childhood shattered, when the Snow Queen abducts her best friend, headstrong young Girda sets out on a long and dangerous journey to bring him home. But when, exhausted, alone, and with Kai nowhere to be found, Girda herself is captured she must discover her own true strength before they are both trapped forever in the frozen north.

After handing over the script, I was not involved in the production – The first time I’ve had the opportunity to see a full piece that I’ve written, without having also produced and/or directed it (it’s happened, but I never got to see those productions).

What an absolute treat it was, to see a world you have imagined in a way that can still surprise and delight you! I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful show they brought to life.